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Rishikesh: The Gateway, India

In the North Indian state of Uttarakhand, the bustling town of Rishikesh sits perched at the foot of the Himalayan foothills and marks the transition point from which the Ganges river, its lifeblood goes from raging through the biggest mountains in the world to meandering the plains of India.

Revered for its spiritual significance to Hindus, it is known as a gateway, both to the looming Himalayan mountains but also to the spiritual awareness sought by the thousands of spiritual travelers that flock to it every year. The banks of the Ganges are packed with temples, yoga centres and ghats on which locals and visitors alike commune with the gods in daily rituals and ceremony as well as daily chores such as washing and bathing. Life represents a beautiful balance of that which is spiritual and that which is functional, daily life a seeming blur of the chaos that is an Indian town with the richness of one of the most holy places on earth.

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