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Catholics in Chad

In the town of Mongo, located 400km east of N'Djamena in the Guera region, the Catholic church is launching the construction of a new cathedral, the final step in order to be elevated to the rank of diocese.

In a country were the majority is Muslim, the many Catholics congregations have had to learn to practice their faith in the respect of other beliefs. In fact, out of a population of around 10 million, the catholics only represent 20,3%. And in the region of Mongo itself, they are only 15.000 out of a population of 1,7 million inhabitants.
According to Father Henri Coudray, curate of Mongo's Church, "The best manner for our people to show that our God is a God for all, is by having a cathedral open to all, with no discrimination whatsoever".

Hence Chad's Jesuit community committing itself to the development of infrastructures in this impoverished region by building wells, schools, granaries, etc. A lot remains to be done, yet in many remote villages, one can find the actions of the Catholic Church.

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