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North-East of Congo DRC

In the North-East of The Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo), two regions are neglected by the authorities in Kinshasa. Endemic poverty, lack of infrastructures, mining activities (mainly metals such as tin, coltan, tantalum and gold which are sold by different militia into the global supply chain), are as much serious problems increased by the presence of the M23 rebels.

The Kivu and the Occidental province, despite the mineral richness of their soil, have fallen behind in terms of development. The local population has no access to first necessity goods and suffers from a real epidemic of the Ebola and HIV viruses. The situation has been deteriorating because of the fighting between various groups. And since December and Goma falling to the M23 rebels, the region has to deal with more than 300.000 refugees.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Human Affairs has asked for 30,5 millions of dollars to cover the basic human needs of 590.000 people for the next coming six months. Making this operation one of the most important operation ever lead by the UN.

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