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"Hi Layla and partner,
Let me get straight to the point: would you be interested in a photo shoot, as a couple? Im a photographer and Im working on an exhibition about sexuality for a museum. But if you like, I can make you unrecognizable. We can do the shoot at my place. I live in Antwerp. Id prefer to do it at your place, but I would understand if thats a problem.

PS: I attach a photo of myself, but let me add that the real reason for contacting you is the photography. This is just a short mail, but if you still have questions please dont hesitate to ask."

Gert Jochems wants to find out what happens behind lowered blinds and closed curtains. He is interested in what people usually keep to themselves. He finds his models on dating sites and by responding to classified ads. Jochems visits people in their homes and photographs them during their sexual experiences. He does not join in but keeps a distance, hiding behind his tripod and camera, capturing interiors and recognizable details that reveal as much as the action itself. (extract from the wall text of the Exposition of S in the Museum of Photography in Antwerp, 2012)

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