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Shamanic journey in Peru

"The Mountains Gods"

The Andes, the land of shamanism, has become an ideal destination for new followers of this practice, who are more and more in the West in this search of mystical experiences.

In the footsteps of the Incan or Tawantinsuyo civilizations, where shamanic rituals were rooted in the population’s daily life, Juan Manuel Castro Prieto went to meet shamans, attending their surprising rituals and discovering their world.

Today, shamans, healers or diviners still receive people in rooms filled with objects which combine religious symbolism, esotericism and popular believes. They read the future in coca leaves or alcohol, cure all the ills of the body and mind and communicate with the living or dead spirits. Indeed, the shaman is the mediator between the spirits of nature and mankind, who are living in harmony and symbiosis. In shamanism, nature, called Pachamama (Mother Earth) lives in every man and is the subject of many mysterious rituals.

Between spirituality and traditional medicine, these ancestral practices fit into contemporary customs, where the physical and mental harmony is increasingly sought.

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