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Great Britain

There are hats of course. Ascot hats and miners'helmets. There is coal, of course, and fish and chips and grey skies and public schools. Perhaps it had to be someone from the continent to be able to transmit the deep despair that has overwhelmed a country whose social and economic situation is probably one of the worst in Europe. Stéphane Duroy bears witness. But he particularly draws our attention to signs. Outward signs of riches and of tradition; those, more hidden, of bewilderment that is conveyed by faces, or by the unexepcted convergence of aristocrats after a party and of Mohican punks. Of course there are contrasts ; glances, glimpses of bricklined streets and of grey skies;miners;families;children and policemen. But all clichés have disappeared and we are left with England as it is today and as we seldom see it.

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