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Travels in the outskirts

"The journey is tied to adventure, a human adventure where mingles self-discovery and encounters with unknown people, often from a different culture. Traveling is the fact of going elsewhere, another place far away where the imaginary takes all the space, way before the departure. Traveling breaks the routine, brings us in places where our habits don't exist anymore. We dream, we read, we prepare ourselves, and then we leave.

Therefore, I have traveled a few weeks in the suburbs, there where we never travel, where we only live. Many hours of strolling, of taking the bus, the train, the RER, the dodgy hotels, the solitary meals, difficult encounters that light us up!
Occasionally hard moments, even sometimes were unbearable. A journey without distance, in spite of the proximity of to my usual life and close to my loved ones, where I felt a feeling of big solitude. A journey that became rapidly an inner feeling exploration. An intimate introspection that the days made it even more present to my mind.

This work here present the results of all my wondering, all my questioning and all my doubts…"

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