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Refugees crisis

Since September 2015, more and more refugees have been trying to get to Western Europe countries overland. David Maurice Smith has been following their route - he espacially took pictures of the evolution of the tensions that progressively arose at the border between Serbia and Hungary.

Since the end of World War II, none of the population displacement was as important as the exode movements that have been pressuring the European borders since 2014.

The number of refugees has been increasing every day since this summer according to some forcasts, Germany will welcome in 2015 four times as much migrants as in 2014. Hoping for a better life, thousands of refugees, mainly Syrians but also Erythreans, Afghans or Kosovans, flee their country every day to try their luck in Western Europe countries, mainly Germany and Scandinavia.

What as become since this summer the refugees crisis is urgently challenging the Schengen Space countries.

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