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Belgian Blue Blood (coming from the series)

Through 96 portraits, Rip Hopkins delivers a surprising picture of Belgium contemporary aristocracy. Dukes, Countesses, princes and baronesses pose in front of his camera and present us with the list of their titles and ancestors. 99 families from various backgrounds are pictured here.
Arond25,000 people are part of Belgium nobility, which means about 0.2 % of the country population. Each year, 20 new names are added to the list, ennobled by the king. Hence, if at the time of the Ancien Rgime, approximately 400 families claimed to be part of the country's nobility, nowadays about 1,300 ones can do so.
In Belgium, the country of aristocracy, nobility is strictly defined by the Constitution, and cannot go with privileges. Rip Hopkins questions the very notion of nobility and of its representation in nowadays Belgium society.

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