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Rio de Janeiro, « Minha Casa, Minha Vida »

In Rio de Janeiro, Vincent Catala meets men and women who benefited from « Minha Casa, Minha Vida » program.

They are 2.6 millions of Brazilians who was proposed to abandoned their houses in the favelas to join newly built housing estate and find the road out of their misery. But, in Rio, host city for the Olympics Games, the issue differs. Most of the relocated was evicted from the favelas which had to be razed for the required Olympics infrastructures.

For many of them, the hope to get out poverty thanks to this national program has been fleeting. The housings are new, but construction defects are already appearing, and some appartments had to be renovated. Nethertheless, more than deterioration, it's from isolation that many of the newly owners of MCMV are suffering : housing estates are not all connected to major roads, there is no store, and, for many inhabitants, the social fabric they had in the favelas are shattered.

Introduced as a social program, the true beneficiaries of « Minha Casa, Minha Vida » are home building companies and the Brazilian government. For many specialists, the only horizon for these new districts is to transform into ghetto. Rather than being solved, the pauverty and violence problem has been moved.

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