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Go on and lose me wherever you'd like

I followed the chronological and geographical thread of the path of my father who passed away several years ago in Ireland, in order to regain his ground. Fate leaves a trail along the way, it is the only way of becoming acquainted with its arbitrary nature. The vestiges of an order appear in the days that are all of a blur, appearing to mysteriously govern me and give me unexpected repercussions. The title refers to a poem by Nicolas Bouvier, The Point of No Return, published for the first time in 1982 in the collection Outside and Inside: ‘Life was so disorientating and great / That you said or rather murmured ‘Go losing me wherever you want’ / The waves retorted, ‘you will not believe it.
«Photographs are fixed images featuring landscapes as well as figures. These images of landscapes are full and dense, sometimes requiring more focus to make out the contours. They frequently painstakingly convey a graphic detail or a delicate colour. They thus form, geographical benchmarks, as well as psychological portraits, from which a strange calm emanates, as is often the case with pictures known as ‘silent’. Plants feature consistently in these photographs, forming their plasticity. There are also figures. These photographs depict faces, but sometimes just unsteady or immobile bodies. A sense of abandonment or exhaustion is perceived. The individuals are portrayed as vulnerable as they falter and flag.» Emmanuel Madec (selection)

Published by Poursuite Editions with a text by Amaury Da Cunha (Oct 2015). The photographs are available in 60x80cm and 40x50cm formats mounted on a black canvas aluminium inset frame - 8 numbered and signed copies

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