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Belgrade, Year Zero 17

The cold snap which sweeps across Western Europe these days has been pounding the East since several weeks. It particularly threatens the migrants trying to get to the countries within the Schengen area.

Adrien Selbert went to Belgrade where a thousand migrants try to survive in an abandoned factory behind the train station of the capital city of Serbia. By minus 20C, huddling together to warm up, and only having simple blankets and wood fire, the conditions of living are way below the dignity line.

While the Balkan route is closed since March 2016, some of them still try to go to Hungary from Serbia and are violently pushed back. The Hungarian government has decided to fortify the southern border of the country. One suspects a return to the Iron Curtain.
Snow has been covering Serbia's capital city since the beginning of the month of January and keeps on falling. In Belgrade, thousands of men fleeing war-torn countries have nothing and try to survive by a polar cold weather. If most women are housed in official yet overcrowded camps, men find themselves forced to find shelter in abandoned factories. They have no toilets, no shower, and use a hoose and barrels of water warmed up with wood fire to clean themselves. An association allows them to have one meal a day, no more. Inside of the factory, the temperature does not exceed zero degree Celsius. On the facades, graffiti made by the men cry out for help. The smoke causes various respiratory diseases, asthma and bronchitis. For these Afghan and Pakistani immigrants, the number of skin problems and corrosive injuries caused by the cold are on the rise.

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