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Last Days of Manmohan

As a direct fallout of events since 2010, the whole of India was galvanised to come out and vote in record numbers. These were the most significant general elections in a long while. With so much at stake, it came to a point where it became impossible to trust what was being said in the highly-compromised news media. Journalists and their employers were widely believed to be flexible with the truth and working for political parties, sometimes overtly.

With this scenario prevailing, Mahesh Shantaram decided to go « backpacking » across the country on a « political sightseeing trip » to create evidence of what Indian politics really looked and felt like. He bluffed his way into the inner circles of power, pretending to be a political photographer from a fictitious magazine. He partook in the ‘dance of democracy’ from within political campaigns to document the Indian political landscape during those mad times. It was also an opportunity for him to continue his broader study of contemporary Indian society’s obsessions.

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