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Cairos Tuk-Tuk Drivers

In Cairo, the tuk-tuks are an easy way to commute to districts that are far from the city centre. These little three-wheel motor rickshaws originate from Thailand and are used to access places that are hardly reachable by car or public transportation. There also a rare opportunity for women to leave their living places without being seen and offer a relatively stable revenue source in a country where youth unemployment peaks at 70 percent.

Tuk-tuk drivers are mostly young men who go around the soulless dormitory towns of Cairos suburbs. Denis Dailleux has chosen to show them standing in front of their vehicle, revealing their work environment and, through this, the everyday lives of millions of Egyptians. But after general Al-Sissis coup dtat the government, backed by the army, has been denouncing those homemade taxis, claiming they are used by criminals to run away from police forces.

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