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In Our Nature

« This series was set in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens and Mt Lofty Gardens. In Our Nature is a symbolic reminder that we are neither separate nor superior to nature. Instead, it acknowledges, we are a part of nature, and that to wreak destruction upon nature is to ultimately wreak destruction upon ourselves. »
Tamara Dean

Adelaide's forests and botanical gardens in Australia have turned into a stage for the Australian Dance Theatre company. Tamara Dean interprets the links between man and Nature. Each photograph depicts a plant, a tree. The dancers among them reflect their essence.

All human presence is reduced to elegant simplicity in its nudity. A Sacre du Printemps, in which the winter flora blooms from a dance movement. Skin, hair, substitute for flowers and leaves. The drowsiness of winter leaves room for awakening, man and nature in a strong union.
Following the seasons, the company moves in postures that occupy the vacant space left by plants. The twists of the bodies reflect the naked branches of winter cherry trees when young children bloom with the green absinthe of spring. Lotus faded or about to flower, harmony seems to remain despite the course of time.

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