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Desmemoria, or the Forgotten of the Revolutionnary Dream

I was wondering earlier from what invisible disaster the Cubans had drawn these forces of revolt masked by resignation, the violence that had thrown them on the path of the revolution. I finally figured it out. Basically, it's always the sugar cycle.
Jean-Paul Sartre, Ouragan sur le Sucre, France Soir, July 2, 1960.

Time is the saddest of all destruction. Imagine the idea of time stopping, how to describe it? I still remember how the factory whistle marked the passage of hours. Since the plant was dismantled, time no longer exists.
From an interview with a Cuban Azucarero.

In 2018, a year and a half after Fidel Castro's death, his brother Ral Castro has handed over his term as president ending the Castro dynasty that has ruled the country since 1959. It is a page in Cuban history that has been turned.

Desmemoria is a testimony about the life of the Azucareros, a people born from sugar, living for sugar and a revolutionary people from the beginning. Immersed in the heart of Cuba, for 8 months, Pierre-Elie de Pibrac went to meet the inhabitants of the bateyes (villages) of the sugar plants, still in operation or decommissioned, and sugar workers in order to witness these sacrificed lives and immortalize these emblematic trades of the island, doomed to disappear. Whether ghostly or inhabited, bateyes are the theatres of the disenchantment of Cuban society. There is a heavy atmosphere that underlines the loneliness, poverty, isolation and precariousness suffered by the vast majority of Sugar Cubans. If sugar cane built Cuba and represented national pride and willingness independence of the Cubans, today, it is the symbol of its sinking leading with a new generation without any reference point.

Far from the big cities, these Cubans, who represent nearly 80% of the population, are completely abandoned. Realizing 95% of the Cuban economic production between 1960 and 1989, these men, who believed very strongly in the Revolution and who made the glory of Cuba, find themselves trapped in a collective dream lulled by disillusionment. There's no more of spark in the eyes of those who once represented Castro's power and who have devoted their lives to producing sugar by proudly defying the United States after the introduction of the American blockade.

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