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The Yellow Vests movement

Born on the social networks and on the country's roundabouts, the Yellow Vests movement makes its demands heard every weekend in Paris and other French cities.

The demonstrations, since Act I, which took place on the 17th of November 2018, are not supervised by any trade union or party and the complaints are protean: from the request to cancel the increase in fuel tax to the set up of referendum on a citizens' initiative, from the re-establishment of SIW
(solidarity tax on wealth) to the dismissal of Emmanuel Macron.
The Yellow Vests movement originally brought together individuals in a precarious economic situation, then students and high school students, and finally citizens in conflict with the decisions taken by the government on the economic, social, legal and environmental levels.

It is in this particularly explosive social climate that we witness increasingly brutal confrontations between the police and demonstrators. While the aggressiveness of the demonstrators and the presence of breakers in their ranks is constantly recalled by the Ministry of the Interior, each of the movement's acts has its share of injuries caused by police flash-ball fire.
The result is material and human damage, and chaotic situations in several cities, leading to increased security procedures for the targeted businesses and headquarters of political parties.

The Yellow Vests, which do not all fight for the same causes, remain discreet on their displacement
strategies and meeting places, and are in fact difficult to control; they make this movement a unique event.

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