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On the sino-russian border, life and businesses are frozen by the coronavirus.

Until the virus arrived, Blagoveshchensk - located on the right bank of the Amur river, 600 meters from the border with China - benefited from the intensification of trade relations with China. But since the Russian border bordering China has been closed, the consequences have been disastrous for businesses as well as for the tourism sector.

Following the signing of a Kremlin decree the 20th of February 2020, all Chinese nationals have been banned from entering Russia. Falling sales, emptied hotels and stagnant businesses have forced many businesses to shut down or lay off many of their employees. The price of vegetables has increased significantly following the interruption of Chinese imports. Whilst there is uncertainty in the town of Blagoveshchensk, the economic consequences are palpable. For some, the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus epidemic is the worst since the 1990s.

The cancellation of the inauguration of a bridge crossing the Amur river, whose construction was completed last November, alone symbolizes the return of fears and suspicions in the relations between China and Russia that one could described as peaceful after decades of latent hostility and even a short war in 1969.

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