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What happens when our horizon is narrowing?
When, in a world where we have become used to have elsewhere at our fingertips, the street corner becomes the new frontier?
For several weeks, when he wasn't working as a reporter, or photographing with a medium format camera the streets of Paris emptied of its inhabitants, Cyril Zannettacci constrained himself to confinement by reducing his gaze to the aim of a 120mm lens.
The unprecedented experience of constraint, enclosure and limited horizon revealed the need to renew the gaze as well as the subjects.
The lights become blurred and suffocated, slowness imposes itself and the images are more contemplative than usual. The silhouettes of the few passers-by still crowding the opposite sidewalk respond to the shadows that come to strike the walls of his apartment. Everyday objects (a glass bottle, a green plant or a stuffed chameleon) become the material of a game of illusion to which the photographer invites us.

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