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Pauline et Pierre

"Pauline and Pierre are very lucky ones and, if I didn't know them for as long as ever, I would probably be very jealous of them. Actually they have the most beautiful family album that exists in the whole world. Because they have a daddy that loves them, of course, but also because their daddy can't help being a photographer at each instant of their lives, at each of their breathe. On the pictures of this album, we see them growing up, like children who discover the world, then invent their own, by turns, breack-neck, witty, infernal, tender, playful, worried, cheerful, amazed. We also see their relationship with their mother and their grand mother ( the one with their father, the pictures tell about it) and also to the space, the nature among others, in the original Switzerland or on the coasts of the North sea. That's why it is completely normal that this family album is sprinkled with landscpaes, forests and lakes.

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