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Kitezh, the invisible town, Russia

The year 1200 the city Kitezh in Russia got attack by the Mogul army. Under the attack the city became invisible.
From this day no one knows where the city and its people went.
Once a year people from all over Russia come to visit this place. Today there is a lake on the place the city once was.
The lake is situated just beside the small town of Vladimirskoe.
Some people from this small town say they have seen the City of Kitezh coming up from the water around midsummer.
Other people have seen an armed guard walking around the town.
Few of the tourist visit the city of Vladimirskoe. The daily life is hard for many in this area. Alcohol abuse and the unemployment rate is high.
Around midsummer the weather is hot and the nights are long. The people are spending there time outside until early morning.
The busses with tourist are coming to search for the invisible city of Kitezh. The most who leave Kitezh after a visit don't even know the name of Vadimirskoe. Vladimirskoe is mostly known for "that little village beside Kitezh the invisible city".

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