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Tale of lost paradise : Climate refugees, Bangladesh

In the last 10 years, farmers like Hatem Ali have had to disassemble and move their tin-and-bamboo houses five times to escape the encroaching waters of the huge Brahmaputra River in Kurigram. This river is swollen out of all proportion by severe monsoon that scientists attribute to global warming and melting ice in the Himalayas.. Bangladesh with a population of 140 million people crammed into an area slightly smaller than the state of Illinois is a target of the most vulnerable to global warming.
Some must live with the memory of losing grip on their child when he is swept away by tidal waves at angry awakening of Sidr; Some may still view their lost crops swaying in the fields and today empty, while others have traces of dried tears on their cheeks when they remember their own piece of land swallowed by the fury of the river.

Once, villagers happy, they have became climate refugees.

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