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Chiloe archipelago

Chileans used to have a saying: En Chile no pasa nada In Chile nothing happens. But it has not been heard in years. Chile used to be a postcard sent from the end of the world, a country with a strange shape, the success story of South America. Then came 1973 and Pinochet...
I set off to explore for the first time in 2002. I wanted to confront reality and the country that had grown in my imagination. After 3 weeks, I ended up on an island called Chilo.
Chilo is an archipelago in the tenth region of Chile, approximately 1.100 kilometers south of Santiago. The first Spanish colonists came to Chilo in the mid-sixteenth century and lived in peace with the islands native Chono people and the Huilliche. Jesuits from Peru arrived in the seventeenth century, built schools and more than 200 churches, which are an important part of Chilos distinct history and remain the center of the islands religious and social life. Throughout its history, the island remained isolated from the mainland and even stayed under Spanish rule for eight years after Chile declared its independence.

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