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Dj Vu or the Memory of Now

Unlike the traditional silver latent image, the digital acquisition and immediacy proclaimed me to initiate this daily photography work, but sometimes marked by moments of banality from the depicted subjects.

Also, when recurrent obsessions and composition of light, solitude and counting have emerged, the first images have shown the repetition and the apparent banality- the feeling of dj vu - the human conscience is bound only to sensation of an eternal present, even heavier in the past and toward the future.

This apparent temporal straitjacket, the photography suddenly seem particularly conducive to demonstrate an interrogation on the contemplation, in particular the etymology of the ancient - the templum or part of the sky bounded by the stick of good omen to observe the heavenly messages, natural phenomena and passages of birds. Therefore, this photographic work, this break in the real infinity is also tinged with instinct and intuition to receive any unforeseen events outside staging. It could also be an automatic writing than an awake dream.

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