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Under neon light, fingers are lightly touching the headdress of a woman, a sidelong glance, one of the “The Fortune Teller” character painted by Georges de la Tour, three centuries ago.
For more than ten years, Gérard Rondeau has photographed museums, and big exhibitions’ backstage. Painting and sculptures appear suddenly wrapped up, tied up in such positions, sometimes delicate or weird – always surprising. Here, in a halo of light, there, cut out in the backlight, the essence of forms, the one that makes pieces art, is grabbed in a graceful lightflash.

These photographic moments, without giving in ease of the story, are offer an invigorating vision of the museum space - tinged with admiration, interrogation, but also indifference - between works and men’s gaze.

In the past, some were able to recite their hostility against the museum. On the contrary, in these photographs dotted filigree poetry of place and pleased to lose our steps ...

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