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Summer 2550

On September 2000, I am 50, we are chatting underneath a limetree, outer noises are very strong, bugs, wind...they are almost covering our inncoent conversation on the weather or this evening diner.
This was how in the 1980s I was picturing the "unpicturable": the year 2000, being 50.
What is confusing when planning on the big unknown the future is is the inevitable permancence of sensations and things as everything will be quite the same as long as there'll remain People.
Summer 2550 in Champassak, it was summer 2007 in Santiago de Cuba, considering the five hundred and forty-three years the buddhist calendar is ahead of.
Brandishing the figures of the years and centuries we'll never know, it is slightly like hypothecating the future, healing the hurting thought of all this time where we will no longer be!

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