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Tian An Men, 30 years ago (55 days at Peking)

In recent history, it is very rare that a nation of photographers have documented themselves the historical upheavals that their people lived. By putting together images of Chinese photographers of Agence VU on the 55 days of mad hope for freedom, then, the bloody drama, which have shaken China, it is primarily a testimony. But it is also a proof that the Chinese photographers took part in the democratic movement. From the earliest days of suppression, the Chinese government announced they were using television and photographic images collected by the Occident to identify and stop the protesters.
From the beginning of the events, all of Occident television footage transmitted by satellite were carefully recorded and decrypted, as well as tapes of monitoring installed at Tian An Men Square and the entrance of hotels for Westerners. Unfortunately, by not publishing these documents, it would not protect those who are recognizable on the photographs. Contrarily, this would simply cede to blackmail and ultimately betray the wish from Chinese photographers who, at an incense price of risk, witnessed a major episode in their history. These images, they asked us to show them, to spread, to make them public so the truth is told and never be forgotten.
Text from book : Chine 89 Editions Flammarion

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