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IDP's camps in the South Philippines

In the South Philippines, on Mindanao Island, some 200 000 civilians are living in IDPs camp, because of interethnic violence.

Nowadays, the Philippines must contain clashes between Muslim communities of the south and their Catholic neighbours.
In a recent engagement, on August 18 2008, 16 Catholics were killed in this region as a response to the local governments efforts to stop an autonomist movement in Mindanao.

Munem Wassif exposes the daily life in the refugee camps of the Mindanao region. Many of the refugees were victims of the August 18 attack, and their lives are marked by fears of new violence.
Adding to this perpetual state of fear are dangerous life conditions and poor hygiene. Each camp is able to accommodate 8000 refugees. All these families have left their homes and their homeland under the pressure of separatist guerrilla groups.

In the centre of Mindanao island, more than 200 000 civilians are still at risk of succumbing to this violence, despite the recent cease-fire signed between the Filipino military and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), according to Amnesty International.

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