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Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste

During three years of political and ethnic crisis in East-Timor, 150 000 people were forced to avoid their villages, and more than 5000 houses were razed.
The government is not able to commence reconstruction efforts before ethnic and security problems are resolved.

The resumption of political and security efforts on the island has only been possible until recently (as of May 2009), by relocating police and military forces in districts under the control of looters and bandits.
Populations attempt to rebuild their lives in abandoned villages. They work on foundations for the circulation of people and information: roads, schools, and barracks are still under construction.

The Democratic Republic of East Timor gained its independence in 2002, three years after the Indonesia’s withdrawal, which annexed it in 1976.
In 2006, a long ethnic, political, and military crisis ensued, leading to lootings and kidnappings for ransom, driving some 150 000 people in the Diji refugee camp. According to the UN Development Porgramme, about 3119 houses were razed, and 2242 damaged.

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