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El Salvador, La Vida Loca

One year ago, Christian Poveda passed away, victim of the violence he documented and was verging on for years in the streets of his country of adoption, El Salvador.

El Salvador a country still living in the shadow of a brutal civil war. Poverty. Corruption. Political Instability. In recent years, this struggling nations problems have been compounded by a growing, increasingly brutal gang culture. Over the course of a year, acclaimed photographer and documentarian Christian Poveda turned his camera on one neighbourhood Clica (chapter) of the Mara 18, one of the largest and most infamous gangs in El Salvador.

Tracing the daily lives criminal exploits, murders, funerals, prison sentences, attempts at rehabilitation of a handful of Mara 18 members, LA VIDA LOCA is part documentary, part war correspondent report, and part social commentary, a white knuckle, fly on the wall look at a world rarely seen by outsiders.

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