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Egypt, Port Said

This is the entrance of the Suez Canal. A seaside still bursting with nostalgia. Port Said is a historic city. And so is Port Fouad, "the opposite town" which can be reached by an old tank painted a thousand times (in green). Port Sad is a colorful place: the color of winds tinted by sand carrying the dust of the Middle East to the Mediterranean area.

The air in December is still mild. On the promenade overlooking the small fishing port, young people meet for a stroll, a time for some winks, story of flirting with some girls at the turn of a soccer game with the boys. With mannerly looks, and with all what seems necessary to a Muslim country, we kindly chat up

In its peculiar nonchalance, Port Said still has little rusty traces of the history of the Suez Canal: old buildings from the colonial period, old villas where gardens seem left to their natural exuberance, French and English administrative buildings, will still leave seen in the teeming streets of downtown behind the waterfront, closed since 2001 and its new laws against "terrorism". Opposite, the minarets of the mosque are a clear response on the horizon next to the huge cranes of the shipyard in Port Fouad.

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