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Cairo forgotten persons

The buildings rest on the sand at the foot of Mount Sina. In the past, Haggana used to be a border. But today it is one of the largest slum of the city.

In Cairo, 40% of the population lives in these "informal" areas, which feeds on the proliferation of the rural exodus that started in the 1960s.
Power lines are buzzing in the sky above the roofs. Waste waters are leaking through the walls. Yet here, there is neither running water nor electricity. These hoods are Cairo's trash, where the recycling of the rubbish has become part of the economy. The majority of its inhabitants live in conditions of extreme precariousness and insalubrities. Only a few of them have access to healthcare, which remains scarce in the country. Living in these neighbourhoods is a sentenced to exclusion; only a few manage to get out of it. And for the authority, it is easy to ignore this part of the population, since they have no administrative existence.

In Egypt, in order to get a birth certificate one has to pay, hence the inhabitants having no legal existence since they can not afford such expenses. On the million people living in Haggana, only 1200 have a personal voter's card, meaning most of the population has no say and is not taken in account by the politicians who only rarely take them in account.

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